Where can people sing, and drink, and shout, and let go of their sorrows?


Somewhere in the community at least one big place where a few hundred people can gather, with beer and wine, music, and perhaps a half-dozen activities, so that people are continually criss-crossing from one to another.

… in an occasional neighborhood, which functions as the focus of a group of neighborhoods, or in a boundary between neighborhoods - Neighborhood Boundary (15) - or on the promenade which forms the focus of a large community - Promenade (31), Night Life (33) - there is a special need for something larger and more raucous than a street cafe.

Put the tables in two-ended alcoves, roomy enough for people to pass through on their way between activities - Alcoves (179); provide a fire, as the hub of one activity - The Fire (181); and a variety of ceiling heights to correspond to different social groupings - Ceiling Height Variety (190). For the shape of the building, gardens, parking, and surroundings, begin with Building Complex (95)

Reference for full-text of Pattern: p. 444low-confidence