Asphalt and concrete surfaces outdoors are easy to wash down, but they do nothing for us, nothing for the paths, and nothing for the rainwater and plants.


On paths and terraces, lay paving stones with a 1 inch crack between the stones, so that grass and mosses and small flowers can grow between the stones. Lay the stones directly into the earth, not into mortar, and, of course, use no cement or mortar in between the stones.

… many patterns call for paths and terraces and places where the outdoor areas around a building feel connected to the earth - Green Streets (51), Path Shape (121), Private Terrace on the Street (140), Outdoor Room (163), Connection to the Earth (168), Terraced Slope (169). This pattern provides a way of building the ground surface that makes these larger patterns come to life.

Use paving with cracks, to help make paths and terraces which change and show the passage of time and so help people feel the earth beneath their feet - Connection to the Earth (168); the stones themselves are best if they are simple soft baked tiles - Soft Tile and Brick (248)

Reference for full-text of Pattern: p. 1138high-confidence