Placing the main entrance (or main entrances) is perhaps the single most important step you take during the evolution of a building plan.


Place the main entrance of the building at a point where it can be seen immediately from the main avenues of approach and give it a bold, visible shape which stands out in front of the building.

… you have a rough position for your building on the site - Site Repair (104), South Facing Outdoors (105), Wings of Light (107). You also have an idea of the major circulation in the building complex and the lines of approach which lead toward the building - Circulation Realms (98), Family of Entrances (102). Now it is time to fix the entrance of the building.

If possible, make the entrance one of a family of similar entrances, so that they all stand out as visibly as possible within the street or building complex - Family of Entrances (102); build that part of the entrance which sticks out, as a room, large enough to be a pleasant, light, and beautiful place - Entrance Room (130) and bring the path between the street and this entrance room through a series of transitions of light and level and view - Entrance Transition (112). Make sure that the entrance has the proper relationship to parking - Shielded Parking (97), Car Connection (113)

Reference for full-text of Pattern: p. 540high-confidence