Individuals have no effective voice in any community of more than 5,000–10,000 persons.


Decentralize city governments in a way that gives local control to communities of 5,000 to 10,000 persons. As nearly as possible, use natural geographic and historical boundaries to mark these communities. Give each community the power to initiate, decide, and execute the affairs that concern it closely: land use, housing, maintenance, streets, parks, police, schooling, welfare, neighborhood services.

… the Mosaic of Subcultures (8) is made up of a great number of large and small self-governing communities and neighborhoods. Community of 7000 helps define the structure of the large communities.

Separate the communities from one another by means of substantial areas — Subculture Boundary (13); subdivide each community into 10 or 20 independent neighborhoods, each with a representative on the community council — Identifiable Neighborhood (14); provide a central place where people have a chance to come together — Eccentric Nucleus (28), Promenade (31); and in this central place provide a local town hall, as a focal point for the community’s political activity — Local Town Hall (44)