We know from our discussion of Sheltering Roof (117) that the top story of the building should be right inside the roof, surrounded by it.


Wherever you have windows in the roof, make dormer windows which are high enough to stand in, and frame them like any other alcoves in the building.

… this pattern helps to complete Sheltering Roof (117). If you have followed sheltering roof, your roof has living space within it: and it must therefore have windows in it, to bring light into the roof. This pattern is a special kind of Window Place (180), which completes the Roof Vaults (220), in these situations.

Frame them like Alcoves (179) and Window Place (180) with Gradual Stiffening (208), Columns at the Corners (212), Box Columns (216), Perimeter Beams (217), Wall Membranes (218), Floor-Ceiling Vaults (219), Roof Vaults (220) and Frames as Thickened Edges (225). Put Windows Which Open Wide (236) in them, and make Small Panes (239)

Reference for full-text of Pattern: p. 1081medium-confidence