Rooms without a view are prisons for the people who have to stay in them.


In each room, place the windows in such a way that their total area conforms roughly to the appropriate figures for your region (25 percent or more of floor area, in the San Francisco Bay Area), and place them in positions which give the best possible views out over life: activities in streets, quiet gardens, anything different from the indoor scene.

… this pattern helps to complete the earlier patterns which give each room its shape: Light on Two Sides of Every Room (159), Ceiling Height Variety (190), and The Shape of Indoor Space (191). Once these patterns are clear, this pattern helps to place the windows rather more precisely in the walls. It defines just how many windows there should be, how far apart, and what their total area should be.

Fine tune the exact positions of the windows at the time that you build them - Natural Doors and Windows (221); break the area of each window into Small Panes (239); give each window a very Low Sill (222) to improve the view and Deep Reveals (223) to make the light as soft as possible inside

Reference for full-text of Pattern: p. 889medium-confidence