In the climates where fruit trees grow, the orchards given the land an almost magical identity: think of the orange groves of Southern California, the cherry trees of Japan, the olive trees of Greece. But the growth of cities seems always to destroy these trees and the quality the possess.


Plant small orchards of fruit trees in gardens and on common land along paths and streets, in parks, in neighborhoods: wherever there are well-established groups that can themselves care for the trees and harvest the fruit.

… both the Common Land (67) outside the workshops, offices and houses, and the private gardens which belong to individual buildings - Half-Hidden Garden (111), can be helped by planting fruit trees. After all, a garden, whether it is public or private, is a thing of use. Yet it is not a farm. That half way kind of garden which is useful, but also beautiful in spring and autumn, and a marvelous place to walk because it smells so wonderful, is the orchard.

If you have an especially nice fruit tree, make a Tree Places (171) under it, with a Garden Seat (176), or arrange a path so the tree can provide a natural goal along the path - Paths and Goals (120)

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