The human body does not wear out with use. On the contrary, it wears down when it is not used.


Scatter places for team and individual sports through every work community and neighborhood: tennis, squash, table tennis, swimming, billiards, basketball, dancing, gymnasium…and make the action visible to passers-by, as an invitation to participate.

… all the areas where people live and work - especially the Work Community (41) and the areas looked after by the preventive programs of the Health Center (47) - need to be completed by provisions for sports and exercise. This pattern defines the nature and distribution of this exercise.

Treat the sports places as a special class of recognizable simple buildings, which are open, easy to get into, with changing rooms and showers - Building Complex (95), Bathing Room (144); combine them with community swimming pools, where they exist - Still Water (71) ; keep them open to people passing - Building Thoroughfare (101), Opening to the Street (165),and provide places where people can stop and watch - Seat Spots (241), Sitting Wall (243)

Reference for full-text of Pattern: p. 363medium-confidence