Light filtered through leaves, or tracery, is wonderful. But why?


Where the edge of a window or the overhanging eave of a roof is silhouetted against the sky, make a rich, detailed tapestry of light and dark, to break up the light and soften it.

… even if the windows are beautifully placed, glare can still be a problem - Natural Doors and Windows (221). The softness of the light, in and around the window, makes an enormous difference to the room inside. The shape of the frames can do a part of it - Deep Reveals (223) - but it still needs additional help.

You can do this, most easily, with climbing plants trained to climb around the outside of the window - Climbing Plants (246). If there are no plants, you can also do it beautifully with simple canvas awnings Canvas Roofs (244), perhaps colored Warm Colors (250). You can also help to filter light by making the panes smaller, more delicate, and more elaborate high in the window where the light is strong - Small Panes (239)

Reference for full-text of Pattern: p. 1105medium-confidence