High doorways are simple and convenient. But a lower door is often more profound.


Instead of taking it for granted that your doors are simply 6’ 8” rectangular openings to pass through, make at least some of your doorways low enough that the act of going through the door is a deliberate thoughtful passage from one place to another. Especially at the entrance to a house, at the entrance to a private room, or a fire corner—make the doorway lower than usual, perhaps even as low as 5’ 8”.

… some of the doors in a building play a special role in creating transitions and maintaining privacy: it may be any of the doors governed by Family of Entrances (102), or Main Entrance (110), or The Flow Through Rooms (131) or Corner Doors (196), or Natural Doors and Windows (221). This pattern helps to complete these doors by giving them a special height and shape.

Test the height before you build it, in place - Natural Doors and Windows (221). Build the door frame as part of the structure - Frames as Thickened Edges (225), and make it beautiful with Ornament (249) around the frame. If there is a door, glaze it, at least partially - Solid Doors with Glass (237).

Reference for full-text of Pattern: p. 1056low-confidence