Everybody loves window seats, bay windows, and big windows with low sills and comfortable chairs drawn up to them.


In every room where you spend any length of time during the day, make at least one window into a “window place”.

… this pattern helps complete the arrangement of the windows given by Entrance Room (130), Zen View (134), Light on Two Sides of Every Room (159), Street Windows (164). According to the pattern, at least one of the windows in each room needs to be shaped in such a way as to increase its usefulness as a space.

Make it low and self-contained if there is room for that - Alcoves (179) keep the sill low - Low Sill (222); put in the exact positions of frames, and mullions, and seats after the window place is framed, according to the view outside - Built-in Seats (202), Natural Doors and Windows (221). And set the window deep into the wall to soften light around the edges - Deep Reveals (223). Under a sloping roof, use Dormer Windows (231) to make this pattern …

Reference for full-text of Pattern: p. 833high-confidence