Where outdoor seats are set down without regard for view and climate, they will almost certainly be useless.


Choosing good spots for outdoor seats is far more important than building fancy benches. Indeed, if the spot is right, the most simply kind of seat is perfect. In cool climates, choose them to face the sun, and to be protected from the wind; in hot climates, put them in shade and open to summer breezes. In both cases, place them to face activities.

… assume that the main structure of the building is complete. To make it perfectly complete you need to build in the details of the gardens and the terraces around the building. In some cases, you will probably have laid out the walls and flowers and seats, at least in rough outline; but it is usually best to make the final decisions about them after the building is really there - so that you can make them fit the building and help to tie it into its surroundings - Path Shape (121), Activity Pockets (124), Private Terrace on the Street (140), Building Edge (160), Sunny Place (161), Outdoor Room (163), Connection to the Earth (168), Trellised Walk (174), Garden Seat (176), etc. First, the outdoor seats, public and private.

If these seats can be made continuous with stairs or building entrances or low walls or balustrades, so much the better - Stair Seats (125), Front Door Bench (242), Sitting Wall (243)

Reference for full-text of Pattern: p. 1118high-confidence