Flowers are beautiful along the edges of paths, buildings, outdoor rooms—but it is just in these places that they need the most protection from traffic. Without some protection they cannot easily survive.


Soften the edges of buildings, paths, and outdoor areas with flowers. Raise the flower beds so that people can touch the flowers, bend to smell them, and sit by them. And build the flower beds with solid edges, so that people can sit on them, among the flowers too.

… outdoors there are various low walls at sitting height - Sitting Wall (243); terraced gardens, if the garden has a natural slope in it - Terraced Slope (169); and paths and steps and crinkled building edges - Paths and Goals (120), Stair Seats (125), Building Edge (160), Garden Wall (173). These are the best spots for flowers, and flowers help to make them beautiful.

Reference for full-text of Pattern: p. 1132medium-confidence