Cupboards that are too deep waste valuable space, and it always seems that what you want is behind something else.


Cover the walls with narrow shelves of varying depth but always shallow enough so that things can be placed on them one deep—nothing hiding behind anything else.

… within the Thick Walls (197), especially around the Farmhouse Kitchen (139) and Workspace Enclosure (183), but possibly throughout the building, there is a need for shelves. This pattern helps you decide exactly where you want them and how they shall be organized. Mary Louise Rogers first made the pattern explicit for us.

At waist height put in an extra deep shelf for plates, phonograph, TV, boxes, displays, treasures - Waist-High Shelf (201). Mark the open shelves along with all the other deep spaces in the walls - Thickening the Outer Walls (211)

Reference for full-text of Pattern: p. 919medium-confidence