How can a person feel the earth, or time, or any connection with his surroundings, when he is walking on the hard mechanical wash-easy surfaces of concrete, asphalt, hard-fired architectural paving bricks, or artificially concocted mixes like terrazo?


Use bricks and tiles which are soft baked, low fired—so that they will wear with time, and show the marks of use. You can make them in a simple mold from local clay, right on the site; surround the stack with twigs and firewood; and fire them, to a soft pink color which will leave them soft enough to wear with time.

… several patterns call for the use of tiles and bricks - Connection to the Earth (168), Good Materials (207), Floor Surface (233), Sitting Wall (243), Paving With Cracks Between the Stones (247).

The soft pink color helps to create Warm Colors (250). Before firing, you may want to give the tiles some Ornament (249)

Reference for full-text of Pattern: p. 1141low-confidence