Most of the city’s activities close down at night; those which stay open won’t do much for the night life of the city unless they are together.


Knit together shops, amusements, and services which are open at night, along with hotels, bars, and all-night diners to form centers of night life: well-lit, safe, and lively places that increase the intensity of pedestrian activity at night by drawing all the people who are out at night to the same few spots in the town. Encourage these evening centers to distribute themselves evenly across the town.

… every community has some kind of public night life — Magic of the City (10), Community of 7000 (12). If there is a promenade in the community, the night life is probably along the promenade, at least in part — Promenade (31). This pattern describes the details of the concentration of night time activities.

Treat the physical layout of the night life area exactly like any other Activity Nodes (30), except that all of its establishments are open at night. The evening establishments might include Local Town Hall (44), Carnival (58), Dancing in the Street (63), Street Cafe (88), Beer Hall (90), Traveler’s Inn (91)

Reference for full-text of Pattern: p. 179medium-confidence