It is not possible to avoid the need for high-speed roads in modern society; but it is essential to place them and build them in such a way that they do not destroy communities or countryside.


Place high-speed roads (freeways and other major arteries) so that:

  1. At least one high-speed road lies tangent to each local transport area.
  2. Each local transport area has a least one side not bounded by a high-speed road, but directly open to the countryside.
  3. The road is always sunken, or shielded along its length by berms, or earth, or industrial buildings, to protect the nearby neighborhoods from noise.

… the ring roads which this pattern specifies, help to define and generate the Local Transport Areas (11); if they are placed to make connections between Interchange (34); they also help to form the Web of Public Transport (16).

Always place the high speed roads on boundaries between subcultures — Subculture Boundary (13) and never along the waterfronts — Access to Water (25). Place industry and big parking garages next to the roads, and use them, whenever possible, as extra noise shields — Industrial Ribbon (42), Shielded Parking (97)