Trellised walks have their own special beauty. They are so unique, so different from other ways of shaping a path, that they are almost archetypal.


Where paths need special protection or where they need some intimacy, build a trellis over the path and plant it with climbing flowers. Use the trellis to help shape the outdoor spaces on either side of it.

… suppose the main spots of the garden have been defined - Outdoor Room (163), Tree Places (171), Greenhouse (175), Fruit Trees (170). Now, where there is a special need to emphasize a path - Paths and Goals (120) - or, even more important, where the edges between two parts of a garden need to be marked without making a wall, an open trellised walk which can enclose space, is required. Above all, these trellised walks help to form the Positive Outdoor Space (106) in a garden or a park; and may perhaps help to form an Entrance Transition (112).

Think about the columns that support the trellis as themselves capable of creating places - seats, bird feeders - Column Place (226). Pave the path with loosely set stones - Paving With Cracks Between the Stones (247) - Use climbing plants and a fine trellis work to create the special quality of soft, filtered light underneath the trellis - Filtered Light (238), Climbing Plants (246)

Reference for full-text of Pattern: p. 809high-confidence