In a healthy town every family can grow vegetables for itself. The time is past to think of this as a hobby for enthusiasts; it is a fundamental part of human life.


Set aside one piece of land either in the private garden or on common land as a vegetable garden. About one-tenth of an acre is needed for each family of four. Make sure the vegetable garden is in a sunny place and central to all the households it serves. Fence it in and build a small storage shed for gardening tools beside it.

… we have one pattern, already, which brings out the useful character of gardens - both public and private ones - Fruit Trees (170); we supplement this with a smaller, but as important aspect of the garden - one which every public and private garden should contain: enhance common land - Common Land (67) and private gardens - Half-Hidden Garden (111) with a patch where people can grow vegetables.

To fertilize the vegetables, use the natural compost which is generated by the house and the neighborhood - Compost (178); and if possible, try to use water from the sinks and drains to irrigate the soil - Bathing Room (144)

Reference for full-text of Pattern: p. 818medium-confidence