The greens and greys of hospitals and office corridors are depressing and cold. Natural wood, sunlight, bright colors are warm. In some way, the warmth of the colors in a room makes a great deal of difference between comfort and discomfort.


Choose surface colors which, together with the color of the natural light, reflected light, and artificial lights, create a warm light in the rooms.

… this pattern helps to create and generate the right kind of Good Materials (207), Floor Surface (233), Soft Inside Walls (235). Where possible leave the materials in their natural state. just add enough color for decoration, and to make the light inside alive and warm.

This means that yellows, reds, and oranges will often be needed to pick out trim and lampshades and occasional details Half-Inch Trim (240), Ornament (249), Pools of Light (252). Colored Canvas Roofs (244) and Soft Tile and Brick (248) also help to make warm colored light. Blues and greens and greys are much harder to use; especially on the north side where the light is cold and grey, but they can always be used for ornament, where they help to set off the warmer colors - Ornament (249)

Reference for full-text of Pattern: p. 1153high-confidence