You never know where pipes and conduits are; they are buried somewhere in the walls; but where exactly are they?


Make ducts to carry hot air conduit, plumbing, gas, and other services in the triangular space, within the vault, around the upper edge of every room. Connect the ducts for different rooms by vertical ducts, in special chases, in the corners of rooms. Build outlets and panels at intervals along the duct for access to the conduits.

… in a building built according to the principle, of Efficient Structure (206) and built with vaulted floors - Floor-Ceiling Vaults (219), there is a triangular volume, unused, around the edge of every room. This is the most natural place to put the ducts.

Once the duct is in, you can fill up the triangle with lightweight concrete - Floor-Ceiling Vaults (219). Place heating panels along the surface of the triangle - Radiant Heat (230); and place outlets for lights at frequent intervals below the duct, with leads and conduits running down in rebates along the window frames - Pools of Light (252)

Reference for full-text of Pattern: p. 1076low-confidence