The bed is the center of a couple’s life together: the place where they lie together, talk, make love, sleep, sleep late, take care of each other during illness. But beds and bedrooms are not often made in ways which intensity their meaning, and these experiences cannot take hold.


At the right moment in a couple’s life, it is important that they make for themselves a special bed—an intimate anchor point for their lives; slightly enclosed, with a low ceiling or a canopy, with the room shapes to it; perhaps a tiny room build around the bed with many windows. Give the bed some shape of its own, perhaps as a four-poster with head board that can be hand carved or painted over the years.

… the pattern Couple’s Realm (136) gives emphasis to the importance of the couple’s private life together within a household. Within that couple’s realm, the placing and nature of the bed is naturally the most important thing.

Make two separate dressing rooms or alcoves near the bed - Dressing Rooms (189); for more details on the space around the bed, see Bed Alcove (188); lower the ceiling over the bed - Ceiling Height Variety (190), and provide some way of creating special ornament all around it - Ornament (249). For the detailed shape of the space around the bed, see The Shape of Indoor Space (191)

Reference for full-text of Pattern: p. 864low-confidence