People are different sizes; they sit in different ways. And yet there is a tendency in modern times to make all chairs alike.


Never furnish any place with chairs that are identically the same. Choose a variety of different chairs, some big, some small, some softer than others, some rockers, some very old, some new, with arms, without arms, some wicker, some wood, some cloth.

… when you are ready to furnish rooms, choose the variety of furniture as carefully as you have made the building, so that each piece of furniture, loose or built in, has the same unique and organic individuality as the rooms and alcoves have - each different, according to the place it occupies - Sequence of Sitting Spaces (142), Sitting Circle (185), Built-in Seats (202).

Where chairs are placed alone and where chairs are gathered, reinforce the character of the places which the chairs create with Pools of Light (252), each local to the group of chairs it marks …

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