When plate glass windows became possible, people thought that they would put us more directly in touch with nature. In fact, they do the opposite.


Divide each window into small panes. These panes can be very small indeed, and should hardly ever be more than a foot square. To get the exact size of the panes, divide the width and height of the window by the number of panes. Then each window will have different sized panes according to its height and width.

… this pattern gives the glazing for the windows in Interior Windows (194), Natural Doors and Windows (221), Windows Which Open Wide (236), and Solid Doors with Glass (237). In most cases, the glazing can be built as a continuation of the Frames as Thickened Edges (225).

In certain cases you may want to make the small panes even finer near the window edge, to filter the light around the upper edge of windows which stand out against the sky - Filtered Light (238). As for the muntins, they can be made from the same materials as trim - Half-Inch Trim (240)

Reference for full-text of Pattern: p. 1108high-confidence