Vast parking lots wreck the land for people.


Make parking lots small, serving no more than five to seven cars, each lot surrounded by garden walls, hedges, fences, slopes, and trees, so that from outside the cars are almost invisible. Space these small lots so that they are at least 100 feet apart.

… since a small parking lot is a kind of gateway - the place - where you leave your car, and enter a pedestrian realm - this pattern helps to complete Shopping Street (32), House Cluster (37), Work Community (41), Green Streets (51), Main Gateways (53), Circulation Realms (98), and any other areas which need small and convenient amounts of parking. But above all, if it, is used correctly, this pattern, together with Shielded Parking (97), will help to generate Nine Per Cent Parking (22) gradually, by increments.

Place entrances and exits of the parking lots in such a way that they fit naturally into the pattern of pedestrian movement and lead directly, without confusion, to the major entrances to individual buildings - Circulation Realms (98). Shield even these quite modest parking lots with garden walls, and trees, and fences, so that they help to generate the space around them - Positive Outdoor Space (106), Tree Places (171), Garden Wall (173)] …

Reference for full-text of Pattern: p. 503medium-confidence