The roof plays a primal role in our lives. The most primitive buildings are nothing but a roof. If the roof is hidden, if its presence cannot be felt around the building, or if it cannot be used, then people will lack a fundamental sense of shelter.


Slope the roof or make a vault of it, make its entire surface visible, and bring the eaves of the roof down low, as low as 6’0” or 6’6” at places like the entrance, where people pause. Build the top story of each wing right into the roof, so that the roof does not only cover it, but actually surrounds it.

… over the Wings of Light (107), within the overall Cascade of Roofs (116), some parts of the cascade are flat and some are steeply pitched or vaulted. This pattern gives the character of those parts which are steeply pitched or vaulted; the next one gives the character of those which must be flat.

Get the exact shape of the cross section from Roof Vaults (220) ; use the space inside the top of the sloped roof for Bulk Storage (145); where the roof comes down low, perhaps make it continuous with an Arcades (119) or Gallery Surround (166). Build the roof flat, not sloped, only where people can get out to it to use it as a garden - Roof Garden (118); where rooms are built into the roof, make windows in the roof - Dormer Windows (231) - If the building plan is complex, get the exact way that different sloped roofs meet from Roof Layout (209).

Reference for full-text of Pattern: p. 569high-confidence