Anyone who has to work in noise, in offices with people all around, needs to be able to pause and refresh themselves with quiet in a more natural situation.


Give the buildings in the busy parts of town a quiet “back” behind them and away from the noise. Build a walk along this quiet back, far enough from the building so that it gets full sunlight, but protected from noise by walls and distance and buildings. Make certain that the path is not a natural shortcut for busy foot traffic, and connect it up with other walks, to form a long ribbon of quiet alleyways which converge on the local pools and streams and the local greens.

… the work places are given their general position by Scattered Work (9) and their detailed organization and distribution by Work Community (41). It is essential though, that they be supported by some kind of quiet, which is complementary to the work. This pattern, and the next few patterns, gives the structure of that quiet.

If possible, place the backs where there is water - Pools and Streams (64), Still Water (71), and where there are still great trees unharmed by traffic - Tree Places (171) ; connect them to Accessible Green (60); and protect them from noise with walls or buildings - Garden Wall (173)

Reference for full-text of Pattern: p. 301medium-confidence