This is one of the patterns people most often disagree with. However, we believe they are mistaken.


Give those parts of the house where people sleep, an eastern orientation, so that they wake up with the sun and light. This means, typically, that the sleeping area needs to be on the eastern side of the house; but it can also be on the western side provided there is a courtyard or a terrace to the east of it.

… at the back of the Intimacy Gradient (127), the position of the Couple’s Realm (136) and Children’s Realm (137), give some idea of where bedrooms will be. This pattern settles the position of the bedrooms by placing them to face the east, and thereby complements the effect of Indoor Sunlight (128), which places the more public rooms toward the south.

Place all the beds with care, so that they get the morning light, not only as a group - Couple’s Realm (136), Bed Cluster (143), but individually, so that each gets eastern light from some specific window - Marriage Bed (187), Bed Alcove (188). Use Filtered Light (238) to prevent the sun from shining too directly on the bed. If there is room, make this window function as a Window Place (180). Place the window nearest the bed carefully so that it frames a view which tells a person waking what the weather is like - Natural Doors and Windows (221)

Reference for full-text of Pattern: p. 656medium-confidence