Somewhere in every garden, there must be at least one spot, a quiet garden seat, in which a person—or two people—can reach into themselves and be in touch with nothing else but nature.


Make a quiet place in the garden—a private enclosure with a comfortable seat, think planting, sun. Pick the place for the sear carefully; pick the place that will give you the most intense kind of solitude.

… with the character of the garden fixed - Garden Growing Wild (172), we consider the special corners which make the garden valuable and somewhat secret. Of these, the most important is the Sunny Place (161), which has already been described, because it is so fundamental to the building. Now we add to this another seat, more private, where a person can go to sit and think and dream.

Place the garden seat, like other outdoor seats, where it commands a view, is in the sun, is sheltered from the wind - Seat Spots (241) ; perhaps under bushes and trees where light is soft and dappled - Filtered Light (238)

Reference for full-text of Pattern: p. 815low-confidence