There is a very special beauty about tents and canvas awnings. The canvas has a softness, a suppleness, which is in harmony with wind and light and sun. A house or any buildings built with some canvas will touch all the elements more nearly than it can when it is made only with hard conventional materials.


Build canvas roofs and walls and awnings wherever there are spaces which need softer light or partial shade in summer, or partial protection from mist and dew in autumn and winter. Build them to fold away, with ropes or wires to pull them, so that they can easily be opened.

… around every building there are Roof Garden (118), Arcades (119), Private Terrace on the Street (140), Outdoor Room (163), Gallery Surround (166), Trellised Walk (174), and Window Place (180), even Small Parking Lots (103), which all become more subtle and more beautiful with canvas roofs and awnings. And the awnings always help to create Filtered Light (238).

Use the canvas awnings, especially, to filter light over those windows which face west and south and glare because they face the sky - Filtered Light (238). Colored canvas will add special life - Ornament (249), Warm Colors (250)

Reference for full-text of Pattern: p. 1128medium-confidence