A complex of buildings with no center is like a person without a head.


For any collection of buildings, decide which building in the group houses the most essential function—which building is the soul of the group, as a human institution. Then form this building as the main building, with a central position, higher roof. Even if the building complex is so dense that it is a single building, build the main part of it higher and more prominent than the rest, so that the eye goes immediately to the part which is the most important.

… once you have decided more or less how people will move around within the Building Complex (95), and roughly how high the buildings will be - Number of Stories (96) - it is time to try and find the natural heart or center of the building complex, to help complete its Circulation Realms (98).

Build all the main paths tangent to the main building, in arcades or glazed corridors, with a direct view into its main functions - Common Areas at the Heart (129). Make the roof cascade down from the high roof over the main building to lower roofs over the smaller buildings - Cascade of Roofs (116). And for the load bearing structure, engineering, and construction, begin with Structure Follows Social Spaces (205)

Reference for full-text of Pattern: p. 485medium-confidence