The presence of children in a family often destroys the closeness and the special privacy which a couple needs together.


Make a special part of the house distinct from the common areas and all the children’s rooms, where the man and woman of the house can be together in private. Give this place a quick path to the children’s rooms, but, at all costs, make it a distinctly separate realm.

… this pattern helps to complete The Family (75), House for a Small Family (76) and House for a Couple (77). It also ties in to a particular position on the Intimacy Gradient (127), and can be used to help generate that gradient, if it doesn’t exist already.

Even if it’s very tiny, give it a sitting area, a place to relax, read, make love, play music - Sitting Circle (185). Give it Light on Two Sides of Every Room (159). At the heart of the couple’s realm, place the bed - Marriage Bed (187) so it has morning light - Sleeping to the East (138), and, beside it, the Dressing Rooms (189) ; if possible, try to place the bathing room to open off the couple’s realm - Bathing Room (144). For the shape of this room in fine detail and its construction, see The Shape of Indoor Space (191). And keep the area private with a Low Doorway (224) or two doors - Closets Between Rooms (198)

Reference for full-text of Pattern: p. 648medium-confidence